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15th in the Father's Day Walk/Run - June 2011, Toronto

Just came back from a beautiful run over the boardwalk in the beach of Toronto. Finished the 5Km in 20:40, 3rd in my age category (And not, I am not 80 yet) and 15th place overall.

This race was to support research for prostate cancer.

Looking forward for the next race...

Friends 4 Japan.

Last year Haiti needed our help. This year Japan does.

Following the success of Friends 4 Haiti (see the note below), some friends asked if we could organize something similar to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We named the event "Friends 4 Japan".

My friend Cindy Yip was very proactive towards this goal. The Argentine Tango Club at UofT responded promptly to the initiative and offered to participate in a show and offered the venue for the event.

So we embarked in this initiative, hoping that our efforts here will be felt by our fellows in Japan on the other side of the globe. Please come and support the event. Again all the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations working for the relief of the effects of the tsunami in Japan.

Please follow this link to view a printable invitation and more information about the event (like the program) as soon as it is available.

Thank you all again.

Friends 4 Haiti

Friends 4 Haiti, 7 months later

As part of Friends 4 Haiti, I haven't forgotten our promise to donate back the taxes recovered from the donations that, with the help and contribution of great people, we all managed to gather for the relief of Haiti when it needed it the most.

On September 20 of 2010, Friends for Haiti donated the amount of taxes recovered to the international relief fund for Medicins Sans Frontiers.

To view the receipt, please click here.

I want to thank again all the artists and people who put their donations and their hearts for such a cause. I am sure that you touched more than one heart with your own.

In the name of Friends 4 Haiti,
Jorge Torres Solis

I am the one in red

1st place, Pulling an airplane!

On July 10, 2010, I joined my work colleagues to pull a B727 to raise funds for sight medical care for countries in development.

We were the team that managed to move the B727 the longest distance from 26 teams that joined the ORBIS Pull For Sight 2010 - Toronto. This took place at the FedEx Apron at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

We were as well the team that managed to fund raise the most money for the event.

Thanks to my team-mates for this one. It was all about team work!

Getting ready to pull a B757 next time...

Author of a book chapter

Last March I got published in the book "Ambient Intelligence". Please check it out. I think it will be for sale soon.

Here is a link to the chapter of that book.

Finished Achiles 10 Km race in 47:19 minutes

A really nice day not too sunny and not too cold. It was a pleasure to run this one :). The result is here. You can see me here.

Thanks to all the fellows at the cabbaggetown boxing club, who are always a good influence and get me running.

Finished 108 in St. Patricks Achilles Canada

Not my best time, but I am proud of it since the weather was horrible that day. In any case, the goal was fundraising, so the mater was not winning, but putting my heart on it. Thanks to Rebecca for her donation! The result is here.

It was a lot of fun indeed and I am considering running 10Km to raise funds for the cure for cancer. Wish me luck next time!

Friends 4 Haiti

Friends 4 Haiti, a dream everyone made true

On February 6, 2010, a group of artists of different backgrounds and skill levels, but all of them with something in common, generosity, played for free to raise funds for the relief of the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The event gathered all kinds of musicians, ranging from musical groups like Lend and ear and "No Clue", to renowned classical performers like Vanessa Komarnicki and Carolina Rouleau. Also worth of mention, a group of young musicians - 6 beautiful young violin players and and enthusiastic guitar duet - understood the need to help and proudly joined the cause. The full list of performers is available in the event program.

The event was nicely rounded, featuring a dance performance by the UofT Tango club. The event also had the fortune to count with the patisserie gift sets delicately baked by Cindy Yip, offered during the event for a small donation. Since such event was made possible by networks of friends, it was named "Friends 4 Haiti".

Friends 4 Haiti was a success, taking place at the beautiful Music Room of Hart House at the University of Toronto and hosting over 90 attendants. The proceeds ascended to $1549.11, and have already been donated in equal parts to the Red Cross Canada, Doctors Without Borders Canada and Unicef Canada. Adding up to the good news, the Government of Canada paired the donations made by Friends 4 Haiti, one to one.

All this started as a dream, in which I envisioned my apartment full of friends and a glass jar where they could drop coins while I played for them. The jar would be taken at the end of the event to a charitable institution. Fortunately, great friends joined and the event was not mine any more, but it became a dream and was owned by my friends. I thank them, and all the people that attended, volunteered and sent donations, for making this dream a commonly owned dream.

The dream does not stop there though, it ends with children and families smiling. I am confident is just a matter of waiting to see the dream complete...

Thank you, Sincerely, Jorge

Komodo Openlab is alive!

In 2007 I joined in a venture with Jorge Silva to start a new project. We named it Komodo Openlab, and it is an independent research and development lab specializing in the creation of custom communication and assistive technologies. Please visit our website so you can learn about Komodo and its projects and technologies.

Mesh with Wireless Nomad

I have found Wireless Nomad project interesting for a while. It is a Co-op project that allows subscribers to get a DSL Internet connection for home use, but the interesting part is that each subscriber can participate towards the creation of a metropolitan wireless meshed network that could eventually cover the GTA area. They have over 100 nodes deplyed around Toronto downtown area and their project keeps growing.

If you want to try an alternative to get your intenet experience around Toronto, just visit their web site

You can read more about this community-oriented wireless project in the case study map written by Matt Wong. Thank you Matt!





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